Have you ever thought of decorating the spaces and furnishings of your business with true works of art? With the fascinating combination of Apulian luminaries and our iconic design pieces, Paulicelli Collection offers customized solutions for every need.

We strive to create unique objects, full of personality and character, that transform lighting into pure artistic magic. We are constantly working with B&Bs, restaurants, hotels, companies and businesses of all kinds.
From classic to contemporary, traditional to pioneering, we offer a full range of furnishing solutions that are perfectly suited to every context.


Design and drawing

Choosing colors based on taste, bulb and wood

Electrical installations as needed, classic with cable or battery

Dimmer light intensity, to always have the perfect atmosphere


Paulicelli Collection is a spin-off of the historical company Paulicelli. It was born from the desire to experiment, diversify and, above all, innovate traditional luminaries. With the solid roots that only experience can give, combined with an innate creativity, it lets the designs and materials of luminaries contaminate with collaborations, ideas and projects of designers, thus living in a new light. Paulicelli has been in the Apulian luminaries business for more than 100 years. The daughter of three generations, Paulicelli operates in light design in more than 30 countries around the world. Our main sectors are cultural, commercial events, fittings in luxury wedding, decorating businesses and cities for Christmas and, finally, furniture, with an eCommerce for B2C and customized solutions for B2B.


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